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Tree health care (often called plant health care or PHC) is a lot like people health care! Health starts with prevention and maintaining the basics of a healthy growing environment. Our goal is minimal intervention whenever possible, and to start with the least invasive or abrasive treatment options first. This starts with selecting the right tree species for the right location, where it will have the soil, sun, and water conditions that it prefers (we'd be happy to help with planting projects to ensure this is done correctly). After that, trees can be kept healthy with ongoing monitoring and attention to the growing conditions. Ask us about a full health consultation and ongoing monitoring options, if you'd like to stay ahead of pest and disease issues with your key trees.

Of course, we all live busy lives, and you may find yourself looking at the oak in your backyard one day thinking..."didn't that tree used to have all of its leaves?"


Time to call an arborist! Once your tree is in a 911 situation (in significant decline due to pest, disease, or site condition issues), there may be limited options for what an arborist can do to help. Time and proper timing (of treatment) is of the essence! The first step is to have an arborist come diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment based on knowledge of the species, pest, disease, or problem, and extent of the damage (likelihood of recovery). We offer treatment options for many of the common tree problems we encounter here in North Carolina, and we'd be happy to help.


We will always do our best to help you weigh the pros and cons of any treatment options, and to manage for cost efficiency and any specific goals and preferences you may have for your property. 

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