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Lubbers & Sons tree care is a family owned and operated small business dedicated to serving the local community.

With a combined 14+ years of experience in the tree care industry, and a genuine love of trees, we are prepared to address any tree related concern you may have. Sosha is an ISA certified arborist with experience in plant health care and pest/disease diagnosis. She has worked on many crews, mostly supporting climbers from the ground, although enjoying a chance to play in the canopy from time to time. Tommy is a skilled climber and lifelong learner, notorious for taking great care and pride in his work. Safety and exceeding client expectations are always his priorities, and it is clear to anyone watching him work that he loves his job. Together, we are living our dream of earning a living doing what we love while making a lasting positive impact on our community.



Attention to the details that matter to you every step of the way.




Owner/operator, crew leader, climbing arborist (and true climbing enthusiast), part spider monkey, loving father. Former expert carpenter, master of many useful skills, chainsaw artist, mushroom forager. A true leader and teacher who loves bringing new climbers into the industry safely. The most talent you'll ever see backing up a trailer-- if trick trailer driving competitions existed, he'd take home the prize money every time.



Owner/operator, ISA certified arborist, consultant, plant health nerd, rigging and ground support specialist, administrative wizard, wearer of many hats. When she's not at work, you can find her playing banjo and singing on the porch, painting, or at the gym preparing for her next MMA fight (she's a professional athlete)! She truly believes you can do and have it all and she's out here proving you can be both tiny and mighty.



Crew member, mini-skid whisperer, son of Tommy. Part of the original crew, Damon supported the family business in our early days, all while chasing his dreams (this kid is an absolute phenom on a skateboard). These days he is mostly off learning other trades (he's an electrician apprentice), but when we're lucky he fills in on the crew. His quick wit and goofy sense of humor help any crew get through the day.



Ground crew member and climber, and true Joe-of-all-trades. Former metal engineer, veteran, and current real estate agent, this hardworking pillar of our team doesn't need the job. He is truly with us every week  because he just loves tree work (and cracking jokes to get the whole crew smiling)! On the weekends you'll find him taking home the gold in barbecue competitions across the country.



Crew member, climber trainee, hard worker. This former wildland firefighter and chainsaw enthusiast has lived in 9 states (in 5 years), is certified (by USFS) in traditional crosscut saw, and spends most of his free time these days taking care of a baby (his baby, not a random one)! He's into all things outdoors, rugby, cooking, and his record and book collections are impressive...but they've got nothing on his wealth of socks (worth over $350, and we're willing to bet he's being modest). 



Crew member, climber trainee, tree enthusiast, teamwork enhancer, problem solver, machinery operator/guardian. A deep thinker and genuine communicator, with experience running his own landscaping business (and music event planning side project). Eric always has an eye out for ways to improve and grow the business and team. You know what they say about teamwork and the dream working...



Quality work, fair rates, expert advice, attention to your specific goals and needs.



While we love trees (and hate to see them go), sometimes tree removals are necessary. Get it done safely and efficiently, no matter the size or complexity of the job. We also work with a crane for removals when necessary.



Late fall through the winter is the ideal time to get newly planted saplings established. We'll help you properly plan your planting project, select the right species and location, and plant your sapling properly for lasting healthy trees!



Pruning projects of all shapes and sizes, with extra care given to maintaining or improving the long term health of your tree. Always using the most current industry best practices, and never with the use of climbing spikes.



Tree healthcare is a lot like people ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But whether we're helping you get ahead of the game with monitoring and prevention or diagnosing a 911 tree situation, we've got you covered! 



We're here to answer any question you may have about your trees! Whether you suspect a pest or disease issue, are concerned about a risky tree, are planning for construction or home purchase/sale, or just want a general assessment of your trees, we can help.

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