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While we do offer free estimates for defined projects, we also offer $125 hour-long consultations with an experienced arborist (you'll actually get one or both of the owners on site!) where you can ask all your tree-related questions. We can either focus on specific trees of your choice, or give you a more broad view of the trees on your property from an arborist's perspective. We can help you survey your property for key trees to protect, trees to keep an eye on or remove, and help you develop a plan for the long term management of the trees on your property which fits your specific goals. 

Another great time to consult with an arborist is before and/or during major changes to your property, including grading, construction, septic or drainage work, etc. Too often these projects are completed without attention to your key trees, and in many cases irreparable damage has occurred long before an arborist is called to the site!

We also offer some plant health care treatments to address pest or disease problems, and cultural improvements to encourage the health of your key trees, on a highly personalized case by case basis. We also do a small amount of planting trees and shrubs every year-- an area of our business we cannot wait to expand! Don't hesitate to ask us about either of these services.

Just reach out to us by email or phone (call or text) with any questions or to book an appointment!

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