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There are many reasons to consider pruning your trees! Pruning can be considered to:

-Provide house, driveway, or other structure clearance.

-Reduce risk to your home or property.

-Eliminate dead, damaged, or conflicting limbs.

-Select and promote good structure in young trees as they grow. 

-Begin to correct past improper pruning or lack of care for more mature trees (where possible). 

-Increase airflow or sunlight to select areas. 

-Reduce weight at the tips of select branches to reduce the chances of splitting or tearing limbs. 

...and more!

We always adhere to current industry pruning standards, and never use outdated practices like leaving climbing spur wounds in your tree. For smaller saplings or shrubs, we utilize hand tools and pole saws or clips. For larger, mature trees, we send a climber into the canopy to selectively prune out whatever needs to go!

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